Pioneer Construction takes the health and welfare of their employees very seriously. We strive for zero accidents and incidents. Preplanning, near miss reporting, good catch reporting, are some of the tools we utilize to keep our jobsites safe. We will never place production above safety!

Dangerous Work Performed Safely

The construction pipeline industry has seen an uptick in fatalities from unprotected trenches. This is unacceptable and a travesty.  

To educate our employees on the importance of safety, Pioneer holds trainings throughout the year as well as an annual safety day. During this annual safety day, we bring in leading guest speakers from the safety community. One of those speakers, Eric Giguere, talked about his experience of being buried alive in an unprotected trench while installing a new sewer pipeline.

Each Day Matters

Pioneer Construction has taken safety awards for NUCA in PA for 2007, 2011, 2012, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. This is a great accomplishment, but each day matters. We have safety officers in the company that complete job audits to make sure our employees are keeping in compliance with company policies and OSHA standards. Pioneer also has an established State Certified Safety Committee that meets monthly to discuss safety matters, incident reports, and improvements to be implemented within our culture.

Below is a short representation of many safety tools and trainings Pioneer Construction procures throughout the year.

Stop Work Authority Given to all Employees

State Certified Safety Committee

Safety Manager Full-Time

Insurance Jobsite Audits

Employees with BCSP (Board of Certified Safety Professionals) Designations

SDS Call System for HAZCOM

New Pioneer Employee Orientations, along with Client Orientations

Identifies New Employees with Short Service Stickers

Isnet World, First Verify, and Avetta Compliance Programs

CPR and First Aid Trainings

2021 Trench Safety Stand Down

Pioneer Construction Employees Join More than 22,000 Workers in Trench Safety Stand Down.

2019 Trench Safety Stand Down with NUCA, Safety Ambassadors Club, North American Shoring and Exaction Association, Trench Shoring and Shielding Association, National Association of Home Builders.

READ HERE: Pioneer joins more than 47,000 Workers in Trench Safety Stand Down

2016 Trench Safety Stand Down

Pioneer Participated in NUCA’s first Annual Trench Safety Stand down along with more than 30 companies, 2,000 workers, at over 170 job sites. Together, we can keep everyone safe on the job site.

2022 Annual Safety Day

2021 Annual Safety Day

2020 Annual Safety Day

January 6, 2020 Annual Safety Day for Pioneer Construction
Compliance renewals and safety orientations were given to over 100 employees, raffles awarded, and excellent food prepared by Ladore Lodge. Ending the day, guest speaker Eric Giguere talked about his experience being buried alive in a trench collapse.

2019 Annual Safety Day

January 25, 2019 Pioneer’s Annual Safety Day Guest speakers included: Wayne County Heroin Task Force, Wayne County Conservative District, UGI, PA-1 Call, and a Retired Lineman who lost both his hands in a work related accident. Thank you to all our speakers and employees who attended. Let’s make 2019 a safe year to work in!

2018 Annual Safety Day January 26, 2018

Couple break out classes: ICS Chain Saws, E&S and BMP Training, UGI and 811 Training, And Guest Speaker who was Buried in a Trench to talk about the Meaning of Safety.

2017 Annual Safety Day

Annual Safety Day For Pioneer Courses Included: BMP’s for E&S, PA-1 Call Interactive Scenarios, Trenching, Fall Protection, Lifting Slings, Silica Awareness, among many others. Thank you to all Pioneer Employees for making 2016 a safe year to work in.